Easy vegan meal swaps


I hope you’re having a lovely day whatever it is you are up to. If you are looking for some dinner inspiration for tonight you’ve come to the right place!

I thought it might be handy to share with you some easy vegan meal swaps. Below you will find some simple vegan dinner ideas inspired by some fairly standard dinners you might be used to eating regularly. With just a couple of changes to the recipe you can easily “veganise” your favourite meals. I won’t give you the full recipes just now, because I feel they are pretty self explanatory, but some of the recipes you can indeed find on my recipe page and more recipes will follow soon! I think it’s easy to overlook how simple it can be to make a vegan dinner when you are first starting out. I think people can often get unnecessarily daunted with the idea that a plant based diet is going to be a completely different style of food, but actually some of your classic go-to meals are in fact so simple to make vegan. 


Spaghetti Bolognese  -> Lentil or Mushroom Bolognese  

  • For a lentil bolognese simply swap the beef mince for a tin of Green Lentils or a packet of easy cook Puy lentils
  • Or for a mushroom bolognese swap the beef mince for mushroom mince by whizzing up a packet of mushrooms
  • Use veg stock instead of beef stock


Sausage and Mash  -> Veggie Sausage and Mash

  • Swap the Pork Sausages to Vegan sausages, i.e Linda McCartney’s, Cauldron Vegan, Dee’s sausages, Secret Sausages or Tofurky.
  • Use Plant based spread in your mash potato.
  • Make your own gravy  or use Bisto (it’s vegan!)


Chilli   -> Bean Chilli

  • Again, an easy swap, get rid of the mince and use beans instead! Kidney beans, Cannellini beans, Borlotti beans, etc. (I like to use a mixture of 2 or 3) You can also add minced mushrooms for a meatier textured chilli.
  • Top with Vegan cheese if you usually like to add cheese
  • Use ‘Oatly’ Creme fraiche.


Shepherd’s Pie   -> Shepherdless Pie

  • Easy peasy, swap the meat for lentils and/or beans!
  • Use plant based spread in your mash.


Pizza  ->  Pizza!

  • Make your own and simply top with vegan cheese. Most pizza bases are vegan (in fact I’ve never accidentally bought one that isn’t…) or use Ciabatta bread for a change.
  • Use lots of lovely veggies! I like to add things like Mushrooms, Peppers, Tomatoes, Artichokes and Olives.